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The activities below are organized by chapter number. You'll need to be logged into the online course to access the links below.

1.1: Try joining our online course
3.1: Try creating your own ePortfolio as your online profile
5.1: Try participating in a discussion forum 
5.2: Try creating a blog post or commenting on one
5.3a: Try using a wiki
5.3b: Try collaborating with others using Google Docs
5.4: Try attending a live online meeting
5.5a: Try viewing a sample presentation
5.5b: Try building an online presentation (Tutorial)
9.1: Try participating in our sample online orientation


Chapter 1

Using password managers

Chapter 2

Storing your data on the cloud:, DropBox, GoogleDrive

Chapter 3

Developing a professional resume

Publishing your resume using Google Docs or Scribd
Learn more about your professor at Rate My Professor

Chapter 5

Google Docs in Plain English (Video)

Chapter 6

Establishing a team charter
Using a shared calendar (Google Calendar)

Chapter 7

Bookmark managers
Sharing large files
Mathematical Tools
Language Support
Video and Editing Tools
  • Mac: Garage Band, Audacity, Photobooth, iMovie, ScreenFlow
  • PC: Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, Majix Movie Edit Pro, Camtasia
  • Linux: Adacity, Advidemux
Chapter 9